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So, JKR apparently regrets pairing Hermione up with Ron.

My personal opinion is that Hermione and Ron would’ve been great together - but I somehow doubt a lifelong marriage working out between them. Whilst Romione is perfect and they balance each other out, I think that their previous friendship and reliance on each other could lead to the taking each other for granted, something which never helps in a relationship. I think it’s entirely possible that, at some point, they’d realise that their relationship functioned way better when they were just friends. As some of you might know, I’m a massive Dramione shipper myself - I think the clash of the two opposites would make for an exciting, fiery relationship and that the two could learn a lot from each other. I’ve never appreciated Harmony in the way that a lot of shippers do, merely because I’ve always pictured Harry and Hermione as siblings. Nothing canonical pointed anything towards a relationship other than friendship, though I suppose it’s entirely plausible that, at some point, they could get together. Now, though, JKR releasing this statement almost gives Harmony a level of canonical credibility. But, at the same time, it cements the idea that the world of Harry Potter doesn’t have to stick to what’s in the books - anything is possible, whether it’s two best friends falling for each other or two enemies.

There was a little boy who lived on Westbury Lane.
He talked to the stars and gave them new names.
He thought of them as people, but they were magic and free
He whispered them stories, and hoped he would see
Just one tiny sparkle, a glimmer of hope
A sign of reality in those he to spoke.

Later in life, as a teenage boy,
He gave up his hopes, and all of his toys.
The stars had not given him a single wink,
They were only a boy’s dream, he would think.

And seventeen years later, after one fickle fight,
He stepped out of his house and embraced the night.
He called to the stars, told them of his despair,
And finally they smiled, and gobbled him up, then and there.

"Little boy, we have missed you," the stars said to he
“When you left us, it was clear, you had much to see.”
And they showed him the world, the stars in the sky,
They showed him how to wonder from way up high.

At the end, they were solemn, and sat him on their beams,
They gave him advice, and told him to imagine and dream.
Soon he was back home, all tucked up in bed,
Imagining his mother reading to him, though she was long dead.

But next to him, sleeping, was the wonder he craved,
The woman he loved, who had his life made.

Memories do not always soften with time; some grow edges like knives.

Star Sign Quotes


Barbara Kingsolver, The Lacuna

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I think it is time for you to know what really happened. 


Jennifer E. Smith, This Is What Happy Looks Like